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  • Creative break room consultation
    services for vending machines,
    micro-markets, coffee service,
    and more.

  • Your local connection for
    vending services in the
    Louisville Area since 1960.

  • Offer employees the healthy
    refreshment choices
    they need to succeed

  • Energize your staff with an
    on-site coffee and tea service
    that rivals local
    Louisville Coffee houses

Creative Break room consultation services for vending machines, micro-markets, coffee service, and more.

Boost Employee Culture by transforming your Breakroom

As the break room experts in Louisville, Total Vend delivers more than just vending machines, office coffee, or micro-markets.

Progressive Employers in Louisville know that their breakroom is at the heart of great employee culture. From state-of-the-art vending machines to gourmet coffee to advanced micro-market concepts, Total Vend can ensure your employees have the best environment to take their breaks while at work. Drawing from over 50 years of family owned and locally operated experience, we can customize your breakroom to be uniquely yours.

Pay with your phone

Our cutting-edge vending machines and kiosks accept payment via mobile devices using apps such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay.


Our systems pull data from your breakroom several times a day, ensuring accurate sales information is used to manage your business.

State-of-the-art vending machines

Our equipment includes cashless payment and internal sensors that guarantee a product is delivered or trigger an instant refund.


Our drivers use handheld computers to create a reliable transition of products from our warehouse to your breakroom.

Using advanced technology to deliver the best service in Louisville


We pre-kit your order from our pick to light system which allows you to get fresher products, expanded assortment and exactly what you need on each visit.

Make your break room compete with the local coffeehouse

Having delicious specialty drinks, perfectly brewed coffee, and fine teas doesn’t have to mean leaving your location. With our wide variety of office coffee service options, all freshy custom roasted for you each month, we can craft a solution for your workplace, large or small. Let us meet your needs to raise morale and reward employees and customers.

Experience today’s best variety of services

Coffee service in Louisville

Delicious office coffee

From a pot of great coffee to an espresso based specialty drink made by the cup, we have options for you.

Louisville micro-markets

Open concept break room

Enjoy hundreds of refreshment options from our micro-market concept which allows shopping via self-checkout kiosk.

Pantry service in a Louisville office

Make food
a perk

Reward employees with delicious food options created at local, FDA-approved facilities.

Vending machines in a Louisville break room

Innovative vending machines

Modern vending machines that accept credit/debit cards and mobile payments in addition to cash.

Employees in Louisville office enjoying refreshments

Total refreshment service

From vending machines to office coffee service, we are a total workplace refreshment solution for Louisville.

Get more than service, speak with a Total Vend consultant at 502.451.0111 or by emailing info@totalvend.net.