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Office Coffee Products in Louisville
  • Quality coffee

    Choose from the best gourmet beans and specialty roasts, all delivered directly to your Louisville business.

  • Tea jackpot

    Provide the delicious, high-end teas employees and customers want using our fine tea lines, both hot and iced.

  • Superior options

    Enjoy a better selection of today’s must-have coffee products from the professionals in Louisville — Total Vend.

  • All the add-ons

    Create the ideal coffee break with a variety of options, such as stir sticks, cups, sweeteners, paper plates, and more.

Unique Route 66 Coffee

Take a U.S. road trip without leaving the Louisville office with Route 66 coffee. It’s a variety of custom roasted gourmet beans with flavors reminiscent of famous cities along the old Route 66. Indulge with a steaming cup of California Blonde, a fresh, full-bodied Chicago Dark Roast, intense New Mexico Midnight Bold, smooth St. Louis Doughnut Shop Blend, complex Lone Star Select Roast, 100% Colombian Rocky Mountain Blend, or the seductive Sonoran Desert Decaf. Stand out from the Louisville crowd with this one-of-a-kind coffee offering.

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Dozens of options to complete your coffee service

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