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Delicious food without ever leaving the office

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We source all our fresh food from Louisville and FDA-approved commissaries.
Opt for the ideal mix of food, including Southern, healthy options, nourishing, and indulgent.
Employees won’t be able to beat the convenience and value of having delicious food on-site.
Drive up performance by satisfying hunger while also keeping employees at your Louisville location.
Wide variety of fresh options delivered to you

Using fresh ingredients and time tested recipes, the food options Total Vend offers are guaranteed to meet your food vending machine needs.

Gourmet sandwiches, protein-packed wraps. and fresh vegetable salads are just a sampling of the fresh food options available from Total Vend. We have an even greater assortment of food options available to your Louisville employees daily. Customize your fresh food menu to match your employee tastes in order to reap the greatest rewards.   ​  

Experience the new era of vending machine food from Total Vend at 502.451.0111 or info@totalvend.net.