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Coffee that captures the American spirit

Route 66 Coffee ensures the best, most flavorful coffee is available in your Louisville workplace.

A trip across county with every sip, Route 66 offers premium coffee inspired by the open road. Get energized with the bold flavor of the Chicago Dark Roast, experience wonder with the Rocky Mountain Blend or gather inspiration from the sun-kissed beans of the California Blonde. Whichever coffee you pick will deliver a rich flavor that will enhance the benefits of your coffee program.


Select blends custom roasted for USConnect partners

Savor a unique coffee experience by choosing any of our Route 66 Coffees.

California Blonde

A Light, Sun-Kissed Roast

St. Louis Breakfast Blend

A Midwest Medium Roast to Start the Day

A Chicago Dark Roast

A Bold, Rich Blend that Warms the Windy City

Rocky Mountain Blend

The Peak of Flavor ~ 100% Colombian

Lone Star Select Roast

An Estate Blend with the Big, Bold Taste of Texas

Sonoran Desert Decaf

A Panoramic Flavor Experience

Enhance your break room with the best offerings

Route 66 Coffee is the perfect compliment to your Louisville coffee service.

Savor your next cup of coffee, brew Route 66 Coffee from Total Vend at 502.451.0111 or info@totalvend.net.