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Unrestricted access to hundreds of products your employees want

The best, reliable refreshments delivered to micro-markets throughout Louisville

More nutritious options

Micro-markets are the perfect balance of healthy selections, fresh food, and traditional options. We personalize the products to the tastes and preferences of your Louisville location.

Secure, easy to use kiosks

The enclosed touchscreen self-checkout kiosk lets your staff make purchases around the clock. There are no open ports and it makes paying with cashless options easy and worry-free.

More of the products you want

Select the ideal product variety for the unique tastes of your Louisville business from better-for-you to indulgent. Total Vend micro-markets bring just the right selection to your break room.

Let your Louisville employees enjoy
the convenience of adding delicious,
ready-to-serve meals to your custom
micro-market today!

Worry-free checkout

The sealed self-checkout micro-market kiosks has no open ports vulnerable to theft and meet PCI requirements.

Personal choice

Select the items you want, reviewing labels before you buy, to ensure a satisfactory refreshment experience.

Happy employee in Louisville eating a fresh salad

Smart product management

We remotely monitor micro-market sales and product inventory through online inventory management.

Built-in surveillance

Digital cameras monitor each micro-market to ensure a safe, beneficial environment for everyone on location.

Happy employee in Louisville eating a fresh salad

Give your Louisville employees a one of a kind micro-market experience by partnering with Total Vend. Our micro-markets include ready-to-serve hot meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, snacks, beverages and so much more. Talk about convenience!

Reveal the potential in your break room

Before having a micro-market After having a micro-market in a Chicago break room

Each micro-market is customized to
your space and company style

Opt for enhanced refreshment with micro-markets from Total Vend at 502.451.0111 or info@totalvend.net.